Founded in 1990, Shilac Enterprises, Inc. is a consulting firm providing a wide range of services to companies focused on import, export and distribution.

Our History

1990 – Shilac Enterprises, Inc. is established in Los Angeles.

1994 – Shilac Japan is founded in Tokyo as the affiliated company of Shilac Enterprises, Inc.

1995 – Shilac Japan headquarters established in Osaka.

1997 – Shilac Japan began exporting scientific equipment internationally.

1998 – Shilac Japan headquarters moved to Izumi, Osaka due to expanding business.

1999 – Shilac began exporting Breg products.

2003 – Shilac Japan opened sales office in Tokyo.

2008 – Shilac Japan opened sales office in Fukuoka.

2010 – 20th anniversary for Shilac Enterprises. Shilac Japan opened a new warehouse in Osaka.

2013 – Shilac Japan opened sales office in Hokkaido.

2015 – 25th anniversary for Shilac Enterprises, Inc.

2016 – Shilac USA became consulting firm to Shilac Japan.